Candidate Statement

I am Christina Laskowski (nee Rodriguez) and I am running as a candidate for California Assembly – District 22 (Cities span from South San Francisco to Redwood City.)

I was born and raised most of my life in California and am running because there is an imbalance between wealth generated and taxes imposed in the San Francisco Bay Area and the quality of life for most middle class and lower income residents.    The imbalance is also reflected in California’s recent statistics:

I am embracing an opportunity to restore balance, ensure that taxpayer money is not mismanaged and importantly drive positive results without imposing additional financial burden on constituents.   I commit to:

  • Enforcing accountability with government officials in Sacramento
  • Providing a platform for two way engagement and transparency with the people officials serve
  • Addressing quality of life issues by:
    • Challenging taxes and fees imposed by government leaders and reversing those that hurt versus help.  I support the Repeal of the gas tax — Yes on 6!
    • Identifying and exploring programs that improve competitiveness and employment opportunities.
    • Restoring safety and security in our communities compromised by legislation such as Proposition 47 which reduced the penalty for crimes such as theft and allowed repeated offenses to occur harming businesses and individuals.
    • Addressing the housing issues by proposing solutions that ensure a better quality of life in conditions and affordability
  • Implementing an education initiative that leverages existing resources, helps prepare our younger generation for the challenges of the future while inviting our older generation such as senior citizens to contribute a wealth of wisdom; and allows for freedom of speech and thought in the academic setting.

I also commit to ensuring that our constitutional rights remain in tact and that our right to pursue life, liberty and happiness within the rule of law is not compromised.

Make the Right Choice:  Vote Christina Laskowski for Assembly – District 22.


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